July 16, 2005

Six Feet Under: Everything Ends, Music from the HBO Original Series - Vol. 2.

On Jun. 28, Astralwerks released the second soundtrack to the addictively bizarre HBO series, Six Feet Under. The quality of the show is reinforced by their choice of eclectic music about life and death.

Although I am not partial to compilations in general, Jem, Interpol, Caesars, and The Arcade Fire recorded exclusive tracks for the show that can only be found on this album. Phoenix's upbeat Cake-like rock tune "Everything is Everything" and Caesars' energetic cover of the classic Blue Oyster Cult track "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" alone make the album worthwhile. The track list is:

1. Nina Simone- "Feeling Good"
2. Jem- "Amazing Life" *
3. Phoenix- "Everything is Everything" (listen)
4. Coldplay - "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
5. Sia- "Breathe Me"
6. Radiohead- "Lucky"
7. Irma Thomas- "Time is on My Side"
8. Bebel Gilberto- "Aganju (The Latin Project Remix edit)"
9. Interpol - "Direction" *
10. Caesars- "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (listen) *
11. Death Cab For Cutie- "Transatlanticism"
12. The Arcade Fire - "Cold Wind" *
13. Imogen Heap - "Lonely Little Petunia"

* Exclusively written and recorded for Six Feet Under

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