July 14, 2005

Sitali - I Am A Tree

Native New Yorker Sitali can finally enjoy the fruits of his labor. After months of recording here in Washington, DC, he celebrated the release of his first album, I Am A Tree, at ESL on Jul. 7. Inspired by the music, it was by all accounts a rockin' good time.

The album represents a cross-section of various rock stylings, including roots rock, classic rock, folk rock, and blues. Sitali's clear, straightforward vocals counteract some of the heavier guitar to make for light, feel-good listening. The music's focus is always with the singer, but Sitali's backup crew compliments his pure songwriting techniques. Bassist and vocalist Jean-Francis Varre, and drummer and producer John Lane surround Sitali's voice with simple yet powerful sound.

The music is somewhat understated, so it may not grab you at first, but Sitali's lyrical rhythm soon gets under your skin. I Am A Tree may refer to the "roots" rock that built the album, or the fact that the music slowly and steadily takes root in your subconscious.

MP3 Clips:
Black Star
Brother Your Life

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