June 12, 2005

Radiohead Reveal More Album Details

Thom Yorke performs for trade justice in London Posted by Hello

In true Radiohead fashion, the band is beginning to release tidbits of information about the album, creating a media frenzy for more. Thom Yorke recently told NME that "It's going well. It's a bit like Kid A. We're going through a period of change. But that's good. We'll get there."

This reference to Kid A seems to indicate more about the progression of the band's recording style than the sound of the album, yet tracks rumored to be on the recordings include "Arpeggi" (download the Ether Festival performance here), "Reckoner," and "Glass Flowers." Thom recently played another new song, "House of Cards" (Click here for the video), at the Global Week of Action all night vigil in London. The album is now said to be due out in spring 2006 at the earliest.

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