June 02, 2005


The Namelessnumberheadmen Posted by Hello

Although this band hails from Kansas City, Missouri, their sound is nothing like you would expect from the central plains. It could be classified as lo-fi, but without the twangy tendencies of many of their contemporaries. In fact, their music tends to electronic sounds reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, but with a satisfying mix of piano and soft vocals.

Andrew Sallee, Chuck Whittington, and Jason Lewis have been known as Namelessnumberheadman since the year 2000, but they have made music together since high school. They continue to be a cult favorite in their hometown, and have begun to make ripples among the music community. Critic Scott Wilson wrote in a recent Magnet review, "if the group called Iceland home, it would end up on the cover of The Wire."

They have produced three full-length albums, namely 100,000 subtle times (2000), when we leave we will know where we've been (2002), and Your Voice Repeating (2004). Standout tracks include "Rest Assured" (MP3) from the second release and "Every Fiber" (MP3) from the latest album. "Going to Breathe Again" (MP3), another 2004 release, represents one their most experimental and beat-based songs yet. This band won't be a secret of rural America for long.

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