June 20, 2005

Low - The Great Destroyer

Low, the great transformer Posted by Hello

Ten years and seven albums into making music together, Mimi Parker, Zak Sally, and Alan Sparhawk have finally begun to hit it big. Not that this was what they planned. According to Josh Modell, the author of their web biography, "The idea, all that time ago, was to play as slowly and quietly as possible."

Low's recent signing with Subpop Records and their Jan. 2005 release of The Great Destroyer, produced by Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips), marks a new era in their music career. The occasion is also marked by a slight change from their usual slow, reverb-laden style, most evident in the upbeat feel-good rock anthem, "California" (MP3). This method seems to be working for them, since the song has been picked up on BBC radio, and has crept its way onto US radio as well (at least independent radio).

The low-fi aspects of the band's beginnings blend well with their new indie pop tendencies, as they seem to originate from a new self-confidence from Low's members. They retain some of their dark intrigue in the pounding and humming tune, "Monkey" (MP3). They have managed to reinvent themselves and remain on the radar to some degree since 1994, an impressive feat for the trio from Duluth, Minnesota. Their recent merge with the nouveau Seattle scene of Subpop represents the rebirth of yet another band of the grunge era.

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