June 26, 2005

Goon Moon - I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine

Released Jun. 7, 2005 on Suicide
Squeeze Records Posted by Hello

The new release by Goon Moon, featuring Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, Zach Hill of HELLA, and Chris Goss from Masters of Reality, can be summed up by the title of the sixth track, "Rock Weird (Weird Rock)" (MP3). It is a veritable "bitches brew" of progressive, improvisational, and jazz influences in the tradition of everyone and no one.

The album never focuses on one movement for long, changing from spooky Halloween-style effects and filtered vocals to drum solos characteristic of a Zeppelin jam session. "Inner Child Abuse" can only be described as a modern jazz experiment in the vein of Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew," but this morphs into the creepy organs and feedback of "The Smoking Man Returns." "At the Kit Kat Klub" sounds like 39 seconds of someone jamming with their amp in the corner of a club, regardless of the chatter around them. "Mashed" could be a straight-up progressive rock song if it weren't for the ghoulish, bizarre vocals. "Apartment 31" is a genuine tangent into indie rock, and might be at home on a Weezer album with its harmony and light chord progression. The collection of songs will appeal to indie and psychedelic rock aficionados, if not to fans of the members' respective supergroups.

I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine was recorded in Joshua Tree Studios with the help of Chris Goss, band member and renouned producer of Queens of the Stone Age and The Screaming Trees.

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