June 06, 2005

Coldplay's X & Y Overshadows A - Z

Starting at midnight last night, the new album from Coldplay became available to the UK and Europe, and tomorrow will be available in the US and Canada. One of the more heavily promoted alternative rock albums of the last month or so, X & Y is sure to top pop music charts around the world. The first single off the album, "Speed of Sound," is all over the radio and television. However, this kind of popularity for a band is often just a matter of chance. While Coldplay have established themselves with two solid albums before this, and continue to make radio hits, many other British bands of the same genre get left in the dust when it comes to capturing the American audience. Here are just a few UK albums Coldplay fans would like, but might not have heard:

1) Athlete released their album Tourist on Mar. 29, 2005 in the US, and it has begun to receive some response. They opened for Snow Patrol at the 9:30 Club in May along with another up-and-coming British group, Embrace. Standout track "Wires" (Real video) has been played heavily on London's XFM Radio. Click here to buy Tourist.

2) Out of Nothing by Embrace is a melodic rock album, as yet unreleased in the US (it will be released Jun. 14, 2005), but it has been a huge hit in the UK for months now. With the help of Chris Martin of Coldplay, who wrote the song "Gravity" (Real audio), the album needed almost no promotion. "Ashes" (Real audio clip), the second single in the UK, topped the charts as well. Click here to buy Out of Nothing.

3) Thirteen Senses has had almost no press in the States, but the band made a splash on UK radio with a few hits from its album The Invitation. "Into the Fire" (Real video) is only one of several outstanding tracks. This album has yet to be released in the US. Click here to buy The Invitation.

If you have not yet pre-ordered or downloaded X & Y, click here to buy it.